Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Phone Number

My apologies to those who had memorized my old number, but I have a new one!
Unfortunately I couldn't get something incredibly easy to remember or get my number to spell something memorable, unless you can remember "dip-weedy-re", which is what my number spells.
Anyway, here it is:

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Me versus Pigeons

I've had a two year struggle with pigeons ever since I moved to my apartment with a balcony.

Looking back on two years of pigeon proofing, I have come to the conclusion that I have only been dealing with one pair of very determined pigeons rather than numerous individuals.

If that is the case, then these two pigeons have been the ones building nests, laying eggs, and leaving behind other nasty things.

I have tried almost every method imaginable aside from buying a slingshot, and still they persist. Last summer Chantal planted marigolds and that, coupled with the pigeon spikes along the railing, seemed to do the trick.

Being gone for two weeks this summer seems to have erased all the hard work I put in trying to scare them away. There were droppings everywhere and a nest being constructed.

I'm moving next week, so I guess after that they can have their balcony back. I've really just been sharing it with those two stubborn pigeons.This painting was accepted into the upcoming publication by Project Polar with the theme "what do you love to hate?" For me the answer was pretty obvious.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Back from Brooklyn

I just got back to Ottawa from my apartment hunting search in Brooklyn and thankfully, after many days of hard work and hot weather, found a nice little place to live.

I spent a week in Cape Cod prior to the trip to Brooklyn and stumbled upon the Edward Gorey Museum in Yarmouthport. It's a great little museum in Gorey's old "Elephant House" on the Cape and includes his collections of pliers and cheese graters, original artwork and other interesting things. If you're ever on the Cape I would highly recommend it. There is a ton of great merchandise too!

I move to Brooklyn in two weeks!